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Recent studies have shown that as little as 3 percent of Americans actually manage to wait until they are married before having sex. To the other 97 percent, it is a cultural tradition that has not stood the test of time. For the small percentage that do wait, often the reasoning has to do with their faith. Others do not attribute their abstinence until marriage to their faith. For these latter folks, waiting is more about offering yourself to that one special person who will last a lifetime and not having to make him or her share you with everyone you’ve been with previously according to Cheap London escorts.

On the flip side, consider that even with the aforementioned “3 percent” statistic, there are still over ten million US adults who have managed to not experience their first intercourse experience until after being married. Once you consider just how many folks are still waiting until marriage to have sex, it is easier to understand how the culture hasn’t been entirely abandoned and that many of our peers are still holding on to their virginity said by the girls at London escorts.

It should also be mentioned that many of the statistics that have been provided on abstinence until marriage are based on self-reporting, which relies on how truthful the subjects in the study are being. Waiting until marriage to have sex was more common in the 1950s when over 10 percent of the population is believed to have held out until they got hitched to do the deed.

Perhaps those who believe that sex should still be held in such high regard will be happy to know that they are not alone. In fact, some celebrities have also chosen to wait until marriage before they had their first sexual relationships. Stars such as Zac Hanson, who is the youngest of the brothers in the rock-trio Hanson, also chose to remain a virgin until he got married. He too echoed the sentiments that waiting for marriage doesn’t have to be a religious choice. When questioned by various media outlets on the matter, he said that the choice was purely personal. Even the sexy Jessica Simpson, Adriana Lima and Lisa Kudrow all waited until marriage before having sex.

For most people, exploring sexuality is something that is best done at a young age when you are curious, open-minded and potentially more confident. For others, the choice to engage sexually with someone is more of an honor, a privilege or a gift. Seeing it from both sides can help you decide on whether or not you too want to wait until marriage before sharing yourself with another.

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