I never thought that I would feel this way about West Midland Escorts

Do you ever experience hate at first sight? Most of us always say about love at first sight, but it’s different for me. Most people I heard about love, that it gives you so much joy and happiness in life. Well, I never believe in love because of if love does exist why my father did leave my mother when they are married for so long. It was my first heart break, and until now the pain is not healed. We used to be a whole and complete family, but when my father cheated my mother, that was the end. My mother filed a divorce against him because she can’t take my father’s stupidity. When someone breaks your heart, it’s hard to believe again especially if he/she has another person. I am not fond of women since then; I choose to avoid them and do my own thing. I have seen my mother’s struggles and mourning; it’s like someone is dead and it’s hard to move on. I don’t want to get into a serious relationship because I’m afraid to be left alone and be sad. I know the feeling of being left and doesn’t want to feel it again. My mother stands as mother and father to me, and she never fails to take good care of me even in pain.

I promise my mother that I will study hard and graduate to college. I want to build a business for my mother because she is the only woman I will love and care. I focus myself on studying and aim to graduate. I decided to continue my college at a neighborhood of south London, England specifically in West Midland. I found the place amazing and beautiful. I met Lanie, one of my classmate. She is a working student to support her studies, her job was a West Midland Escorts from http://www.westmidlandescorts.com, and she is beautiful. In our first meeting, she bumped into me because she is rushing at that time and never say sorry. I see her annoying and always follow me. She is also intelligent in class and tops the class. One time, both of us are late, and the punishment is to clean the comfort room. She is kind and diligent. She always tells jokes, and I can’t stop laughing. Due to our tiredness, we went out and had some snacks. We discuss our life stories, and suddenly I find her beautiful and exciting woman. In days that we are always together, I see myself falling in love with her. We both graduated and at the same time expresses the same feeling with each other. I don’t like her at first, but when I get to know a West Midland Escorts I fell in love with her.

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