Is it responsible to have 10 kids…

It is time for me to leave London escorts. Like most girls at charlotte action escorts, you just know when you have had enough of dating. This Thursday I realised I had lost count of how many gents I had dating at London escorts, and I came to the conclusion it was time for me to part company with the London escorts service I was working for. Besides that, I want to have kids. I come from a big family, and I have told my boyfriend that I would like to have at least ten kids.

My boyfriend thinks that I am totally nuts and thinks that we would should only have one kid.

Personally I think he is nuts. I inherited this lovely big terrace in Battersea, and over the last few years, I have not paid out a penny in rent. All of the cash I have earned at charlotte action escorts has been saved, or gone to restore the property. It even has a big garden for the kids to play on, and I would still have room to grow our own vegetables to more or less become self sufficient. Some of my colleagues at London escorts laugh at me, but we are talking about my dream lifestyle!

I know that we live in a bit of an upside down world at the moment, and even giving up my job at London escorts is a bit of a risk. My boyfriend says the world is not becoming any cheaper, and he is right, but so far, I have saved up a lot of money from my work with London escorts. I would invest in and live of the interest, and at the same time, make sure that we had a really thrifty lifestyle. Growing our own fruit and vegetables would really help, but I have other ideas as well.

We do really throw away too much stuff, and over the years, I have saved a small fortune by shopping in charity shops. Lots of my gear that I wear at London escorts comes from charity shops. Not only that, but I have set up a nice little online business which relies on charity shops. So many people dump designer gear in charity shops, and I have my own little online store, selling it on. It takes hardly any effort to run it, and I make a decent amount of money. Personally I don’t think that we would miss my charlotte action escorts income too much.

As my boyfriend’s objection is mainly financial, I think that I have covered all corners. The first step will be to leave London escorts, and I planning to do that within the next couple of weeks. I am not trying to control my boyfriend’s life, but I know what I want. If he does not want to be with me, I will simply do an Angelina Jolie on him, and have a bunch of kids on my own and adopt others. I know that I could do it, and there are so many kids out there who would really appreciate a good home, and I know that I could provide that.

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