How to get the woman you want

The moment I meet Marilyn at London escorts, I knew that I wanted her. Okay, at the time it was clear that she was not ready to give up her London escorts career, but I was prepared to persevere in my efforts to capture the heart of this sexy young women. When we met, I had been dating London escorts for a while. It was not really with the attention of getting involved in a personal relationship with a girl. More than anything, I wanted to have some fun.

However, when I met Marilyn, I knew that she would make the ideal life partner for me. Yes, just like so many other London escorts, she was totally stunning, but there was something more to her than that. Unlike the other London escorts, I had dated up until then, I felt that we had a personal connection. I was not sure she felt the same way, so I decided not to tell her how I felt.

When I had been seeing Marilyn for about three months, I thought it was time to get a bit more personal. I took her out for a dinner date, but instead of going to the restaurant I took all my London escorts to, I took her home with me. It was my way of showing her that there was another side to me, and the guy she met at London escorts, had a home and was capable of cooking her a meal. When the evening drew to a close, I felt I knew her better and she felt that she knew me as a private person.

Marilyn was only 23 years old when we met, and I could understand that she wanted to work. But did she had to work for the most fantastic London escort agency. As we started to spend more and more time around my home, I learned that she wanted to work with beauty and health. Perhaps I could help along the way… She rather liked the idea of that, and I encouraged her to check out various college courses in London. We soon found the right one, and Marilyn did leave London escorts to study full time. It was one of the most chaotic periods in our lives, but we did manage to come through with a lot of love and support.

Today, three years later, Marilyn has firmly put her London escort career behind her. She did well working for London escorts, but is doing even better running her own business here in London. I am so glad that I was persistent when it came to my relationship with her. I guess you can be pushy but that does not really pay off in the long run. We have a good relationship and I realise that I am a very lucky man. I have got the most gorgeous wife, and the future for us both, is indeed looking bright. Is she my ideal life partner? She most certainly is and I think that I am hers.

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